Understanding Male Infertility – Low Sperm Count


Did you know that around 20% of infertility is caused due to low sperm count? 1 in 5 men experience low sperm count caused by minor issue like stress. This can be easily cured with resolve and right guidance. However, it is not just the quantity that matters. Other common issue with male infertility are low motility, presence of anti sperm antibodies and poor morphology.

First and foremost, if a couple is unable to conceive after trying consciously for 6 months then they must start with simple tests to diagnose the cause. For women it can be blood work that identifies the hormonal imbalance and for men it is sperm test.

If men are reluctant to go to a clinic for test or it hurts their male ego to get tested which by the way is quite common in India then get a home sperm test kit. Though it will be inadequate for deeper diagnosis but at least it will be a good start.

Common Causes Of Low Sperm Count

Here’s a list of most common causes of low sperm count a potent reason for infertility in men.

  1. Hormonal disorders like low testosterone leads to low sperm count. And you thought only women can have hormonal imbalance?
  2. Genetic issues like Klinefelter’s syndrome. It is a condition where men have two or more X chromosome which often results in infertility.
  3. Yes, there is a direct link between low sperm count and obesity.
  4. Trauma wherein testicles were damaged due to an accident or intensive activity.
  5. Stress can have significant negative effect on both quantity and quality of sperms.
  6. Exposure to toxins, chemicals or radiation.
  7. Nutrient deficiency. Poor diet that lacks in essential vitamins and minerals are detrimental.
  8. Excessive use of overheating saunas and hot tubs.
  9. Smoking and alcohol reduces both sperm count and longevity.
  10. Keeping mobile and laptop on lap for long hours. The radiation causes harm.
  11. Presence of anti-sperm and anti-bodies.

Practical And Quick Solutions For Male Infertility

Male infertility is easier to manage with a little resolve and discipline. The solutions of male infertility are not invasive thus easier to follow.

1. Get The Test Done NOW

Don’t procrastinate; don’t think who will think what and definitely no worries about male ego. Just get the test done. You don’t need to announce the world about it.

2. Take Medication

Take the prescribed medicines. Also, add some vitamins if you have hectic lifestyle. I have heard a lot of people raving about Amway’s protein tablet. You can try that. If you take medicines over the counter then make sure to read the labels and check that they don’t have any side effects.

2.     Clean Lifestyle

You can do that for a while, isn’t it? No smoking, alcohol, and no stress. Try to follow a disciplined and timely schedule. Waking up in morning, sleeping on time, limiting your late night office parties. Trust me all these need just a little will power and you will not regret the result.

3.     Balanced Nutrition

Eating a balanced, home-cooked and healthy diet is essential. Be conscious of what you eat. Some foods that aid in sperm production are oatmeals, carrot, red pepper, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, egg, pumpkin seeds, corn, yogurt, walnut, salmon, fish, sardines, beans, whole grain, and green vegetables. Needless to say, avoid bad fat and sugar. You know that already, right?

4.     Assess Weight

BMI should be ideally between 18 and 25. Maintain a healthy weight.

5.     Cool Off

Keep your testicles cool. Wear loose and cotton underwear. Avoid using steam, sauna and hot tubs. Most importantly, keep those mobiles and laptops a little away from your body.

6.     Take Supplements

Today’s hectic life and bad eating does cause degeneration. You can’t reverse everything overnight. So, it is best to take supplements to fill in the gap. Some of must-have supplements are Vitamin A and C, Folic Acid , and Omega 3. I found organic supplements quite good. Products of Organic India, Amway, Kottakal Ayurveda etc do help.

7.     Go Organic

Align your lifestyle choices as close to Nature as possible. Change a bit every time.

8.     Control Stress

It is imperative for stress to happen. However, train your mind to control it. It is all a mind game. Discipline your mind and soon you will realize that a lot of things that caused stress earlier were simply trivial and unnecessary.


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