Tips for Boosting Your Fertility Naturally


Even if you’re not facing infertility but are trying to conceive or planning to start trying, it’s a great idea to take steps to boost your and your partner’s fertility using healthy, natural methods. What follows are my favorite tried and true fertility boosting tips and tricks:

  1. Try Fertility Acupuncture

    I found my sessions with a reputable acupuncturist to help my body find balance and harmony. Beyond improving my cycles and ovulation, acupuncture helped me sleep better and reduce stress.

  2. Eat a Whole Food Diet

    A great way to boost your fertility and overall well-being is to eat a whole foods diet. When trying to conceive, eat leafy greens, organic dairy and high-quality protein like grass-fed beef and wild salmon. Not only will this improve your fertility, but eating healthy will boost your well being throughout pregnancy.

  3. Get Regular Exercise

    Getting the right amount of exercise can do wonders for your mood, well-being and it can may even improve your fertility. If you’re struggling to conceive due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or are overweight, regular exercise can help regulate your hormones and insulin sensitivity.

  4. Shift Your Focus

    When trying to get pregnant, it’s easy to become consumed with thinking about it. I found it was best to get out of my head and focus my attention else-where. I started volunteering in an effort to shift my attention towards helping others.

  5. Avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol

    Basically anything that hurt your general health, will also affect your fertility. Treat your body like a temple and only introduce foods and drinks that will boost your wellness.

  6. Reduce stress

    Studies show that high levels of stress can still make getting pregnant more difficult. If your lifestyle is high-stress, it may be beneficial to take active steps to find more balance and harmony. Meditating, praying or keeping a gratitude journal can help lower your stress levels.

  7. Sleep at Least 8 Hours

    You cannot underestimate the power of sleep to improve your well-being. Reproductive endocrinologists recommend women get at least 8-9 hours of sleep per night to optimize their hormones and health for fertility.

  8. Improve Male Fertility Too

    Boosting fertility extends to men as well. There are many natural methods men can use to improve their sperm count and quality. Work together as a couple to ensure you’re both in the best shape to conceive.


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