The Benefits of Maca for Male Fertility


For many couples, fertility problems are often associated with females, as opposed to male issues. However, infertility problems can be attributed to either the man or woman. Research has shown that it is easier to detect and treat male infertility compared to infertility in women. In these cases, many methods can be used to reverse the situation. One natural approach is the implementation of maca, one of the preferred natural remedies for male infertility.

Maca root is associated with the radish family and was first used by the Incan Indians in Peru. To date, Peru has remained the world’s largest supplier of this natural root.

In spite of the fact that maca has been in use for a long time in Peru as food and for medicinal purposes, it was only introduced to the rest of the world in the latter half of the 20th century. This was the culmination of scientific research which showed that maca offered numerous benefits when consumed appropriately. Because of the incredible benefits provided by maca, it has come to be referred to as “medicinal powerhouse.”

Maca to Promote Fertility

Maca is rich in both minerals and vitamins that offer nutritional benefits to the body when consumed. A part of the mineral and vitamin makeup is that maca is rich in iron, consists of over 20 types of fatty acids and contains a higher content of calcium than milk. From the above information, it is evident that maca, apart from improving sexual health, also offers other admirable benefits to the body.

Increases Sperm Count

Low sperm count is the primary reason for infertility in men. It is a factor brought about by many causes. Medical practitioners have for a long time been struggling to reverse the situation, however, there are herbal remedies which have managed to correct the problem. Maca is renowned for increasing sperm count because it contains elements essential for sperm production. These elements include calcium, B vitamins, and zinc.

Improves Motility and Sperm Quality

For conception to take place, male sperm should be comprised of healthy mobility. Mobility ensures the sperm reach where fertilization takes place. Weak sperm are often unable to achieve fertilization of the female egg. Therefore, chances of conception are increased when sperm mobility as its optimal health.

Improves Sex Drive

Maca’s multitude of phytochemicals makes it a virtual panacea for health concerns. It’s health benefits range from increasing energy and stamina to promoting hormonal balance. Most importantly, maca is a boon for lagging libido, helping to increase sexual desire and arousal. Moreover, the intake of maca leads to an improved erection in erectile dysfunction.

Reduces Symptoms of Male Menopause

Just like women, there is overwhelming evidence that men also experience cases of reduced sexual desire (menopause). The lower sex drive is associated with declining levels of testosterone. As a consequence, there is a need for corrective measures in place to ensure testosterone levels are reinstated to an optimal level. Men with low sexual drive can tend to feel irritated and tired. The consumption of maca can help relieve these symptoms. Thanks to its active ingredients, it has a markedly stronger effect on menopausal complaints than other phytomedicines.

How to Consume Maca

Maca is found in different forms including powder, tinctures, pills or capsules. The powder form is often mixed with juice to make it palatable. To derive maximum benefits from maca, it is recommended that you consume between 2,000 to 3,000mg on a daily basis.

Sexual health has become a concern for many couples. Many remedies have been brought forth which have either had a positive or negative impact. Because maca is a food, it does not have known negative side effects on the body. Maca is beneficial to both women and men who desire to increase their sex drive and want to improve general health.


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