The Benefits of Maca for Female Fertility


Eating right, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are all important for boosting fertility. Studies have shown that maca can improve fertility in men and women alike. Today, maca is used worldwide for its multiple healing qualities. Several scientific studies have shown that black maca, a specific variety of the vegetable, significantly boosts sperm count in bulls.

Balancing Hormones

Estrogen hormones in the female body are essential for fertility. Female hormone, estrogen is necessary for proper egg development, timely menstruation, egg fertilization and even the implantation of the fertilized egg. When estrogen levels are not properly balanced, women may not be able to conceive a child. Maca assists in balancing estrogen and other hormones in the body, thus increasing the number of mature eggs during ovulation and supporting a healthy pregnancy.

Reducing Stress

Another outstanding benefit of maca is its ability to balance moods. Since maca adapts to the endocrine system, not only does it help to regulate estrogen and other hormones, but it also helps to control the release of key chemicals affecting the mood such as serotonin and dopamine. Healthy levels of these substances correlate to less stress, and this reduction in stress has a direct impact on fertility.

Improves Libido

Maca increases both male and female libidos, and when a couple has a naturally higher sex drive, they focus less on pregnancy and more on each other. This reduction in stress supports healthy ovulation, fertilization, implantation and full-term pregnancies.

Is Maca Safe?

Scientists, researchers and physicians consider it safe for consumption in its unprocessed, powdered and juiced forms. While maca may support healthy egg development, fertility and pregnancy, it is not a substitute for the advice of a physician. Women who are dealing with infertility should speak to their physicians and follow medical advice. What’s more, it is important for women who are trying to conceive to discuss all of the supplements they take with their physicians.


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