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Baby Capsule Reviews and More Testimonials

After unsuccessfully getting pregnant and being married almost 9 years, my husband and I were close to looking into alternative options (ie.fertility drugs, in vetro etc.), when we decided to try this first as it is natural and not harmful. I am not sure if this is what got us pregnant, but shortly after taking the Baby Capsule, we got a positive pregnancy test and I am now 7 weeks pregnant with our first child! We are so happy and thrilled. I’m not sure if this product works fast but if it does, it sure did for us! Thanks!!


After we had tried for over 3 years with low sperm count, a cousin who lives in Michigan sent us three (3) bottles of Baby Capsule. I was half way through the second bottle when we discovered that my wife had conceived! Thank you!!


Thanks to Baby capsule, there is a BIG improvement in my sperm count, motility & morphology. It takes time though, as sperm needs around 2.5-3 months to fully develop & mature. Also, you need to slightly increase the abstinence duration if there are sperm count issues. Changes are NOT immediate and this product has to be taken for at least 2-3 months for results to show up.


Just want to thank you guys at Baby capsule. Took your product for 4 months and me and my girl got pregnant!*


I couldn’t be happier, my sperm count improved from 7 Mil to 20 Mil after 3 months with Baby capsule. Shipment by Amazon was discreet and fast.*


I decided to try Baby capsule as last resort before IVF treatment. I thought it is worth trying before spending 10,000$ on IVF. After 3 months my sperm got better so I decided to continue and after 4.5 Months my wife got pregnant. I know it won’t help everyone like me but I think it’s something worth trying.*


Great Product, No bad side effects, my libido and sexual performances improved!*


After taking Baby capsule for close to two month i took a second sperm test and the concentration is 34 Million, Total count is 234.6 * 10^6. Morphology jumped to 76%.In may previous test my sperm count was 23 Mil.*


Before learning about Baby capsule, my wife and I had been through 4 IVF treatments with no success. We were so disappointed and somewhat skeptical that an all-natural supplement would make any difference. After taking Baby capsule for only 4 months my wife became pregnant and we are now the proud parents of a precious daughter. I only wish I had known about your product before we went through the IVF ordeal.*


My wife and I had been trying to start a family for some time without success. We visited our physician and discovered that I had a low sperm count which could be the cause of our failure to conceive. The doctor recommended that I try Baby capsule in order to raise my sperm count naturally, before resorting to more serious options. After taking Baby capsule for only 2 months my sperms count was already rising steadily, showing improvement in motility and count. This has given us new hope that we will soon be pregnant!*


My sperm count has jumped from 20 ml to 94 ml after only 3 months of using Baby capsule. All I can say is “WOW!”*


My doctor told me that the fertility problem was mine. My wife and I were reluctant to begin the expensive and trying process of IVF. I discovered Baby capsule and I decided it might be worth a try. It worked! I could not believe it! Really, what have you got to lose?*


Received my Baby capsule order 2 months ago and started it right away. I have experienced no side effects, unless you want to count my increase in libido. My wife is very happy about that! When I went for a sperm check, the test showed significant improvement in morphology and motility.*


After trying Baby capsule and having great success with it, I have purchased additional units to recommend to my pharmacy customers. The information provided with the product makes it easy for anyone to use and understand.*


My husband has been taking Baby capsule for the past 3 months. While I am not yet pregnant and may still need the IVF, according to the doctor my husband’s sperm count is steadily increasing and this will help any future IVF procedure have a better chance of success. Bless you and thank you for such a wonderful product.*


Thank you, thank you is really all I can say. After taking Baby capsule for 5 months my wife is finally pregnant! We are so happy! By the way, thanks also for the great service. It only took 8 working days to get my order and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.*