Preconception Advice For Men – Vitamins That Can Help Male Fertility


When giving preconception advice to men, my first thought always falls to vitamin intake. Here’s a basic list of vitamins with descriptions of what each vitamin can help accomplish.

  1. B12 – This vitamin is an important consideration for males since it can help increase sperm counts in men with low counts.
  2. Vitamin C – Not only is vitamin C an important vitamin for everyday life, it can also help your sperm avoid clumping. Obviously sperm clumping is not ideal when trying to increase your chance of conception. You can get your vitamin C naturally or through supplements. This is especially important for men who smoke since this particular vitamin has been proven to neutralize the chemicals found in cigarette smoke. In any case if you’re smoking and about to have a baby you need to stop to ensure you’re there for your child throughout their life and to avoid passing on medical issues to your children.
  3. Vitamin E – Did you know that this vitamin is so effective in helping with the conception process that doctors providing IVF services will often prescribe Vitamin E to the male while the procedure is underway. As a general warning, patients taking anticoagulant medicines should not use this vitamin without consulting their doctor.
  4. Zinc – Woman need Zinc for pregnancy and so do men. Did you know that Zinc helps testosterone levels. If you’re trying to conceive and having sex on a regular basis to do so, a higher level of testosterone is a good thing. Zinc is also known to increase sperm count and another important factor sperm motility.
  5. Selenium – This antioxidant helps protect the user from free radicals, while reducing the risk of birth defects, it’s also another great source for increasing low sperm count.

Just remember that consuming fruits, vegetables, grains and meats that contain each of the vitamins listed above is always a better alternative than a once daily pill, however the pill mixed with a healthy daily diet helps ensure that you receive the vitamins and anti-oxidant properties your body requires during preconception.

Preconception Advice for men is a guessing game, however if you treat your body with the right mixture of healthy foods and diet, you increase the chances of conceiving more quickly and having a healthy baby.

So what do the other guys out there think? Is there any supplements that you take to help your body during the preconception stage? Feel free to share your own preconception advice about vitamins and antioxidants.


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