Male Infertility Treatment


Male infertility caused due to low sperm production, immobility of sperm or blockages in sperm delivery is a commonly seen health disorder in men. It can be defined as the inability of a male to achieve pregnancy in a fertile female after having regular unprotected intercourse. Lifestyle condition of person, health, injuries and illness play key roles in maintaining the sexual health of person. If left untreated, infertility condition can change your life to stressful and very frustrating.

On the basis of achievement of pregnancy, male infertility can be again divided into two types. Failure to achieve first pregnancy is known as primary infertility and failure to achieve subsequent pregnancy is referred as secondary infertility. According to research, it is found that life of people suffering from infertility is often subjected to emotional stress and marital difficulties.


Multiple factors contribute in the formation of male infertility. Difficulty in sperm production is an important cause. Infections affecting reproductive organs, heredity and injury to testicular area are some main factors affecting the normal production of sperm. Blockage in delivery of sperm is another main cause giving rise to this problem. Versatile health disorders contributing in blockage include dyspareunia and cystic fibrosis.

Excessive use of drugs and alcohol is a common lifestyle issue resulting in male infertility. It degrades the proper functioning of reproductive organs and give rise to erectile dysfunction. Liver damage, rise in estrogen level, hormonal imbalance and improper sperm production are some among the health risks due to excessive alcohol intake. Other reported causes include increasing age, vitamin C deficiency, zinc deficiency, excessive stress, exposure of testicles to heat and radiation.


Most of the signs and symptoms shown by a person suffering from infertility depend upon its underlying causes. Inability to conceive a child is the common symptom. Some people may experience delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. If male infertility is caused due to hormonal imbalance, patient will have decreased facial or body hair. Swelling and pain in testicular area, abnormal sperm cells, no sperm production, high level of FSH, small testicles and undescended testicles are other symptoms.

Natural Remedies

Men suffering from this problem can increase their potency by taking an effective herbal treatment for male infertility such as Baby capsules. In addition to this, there are several natural remedies which are very helpful in enhancing male potency. Dairy food items, oysters, pomegranate juice, pumpkin seeds, fruits and vegetables should be included in diet.


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