Lemon and male fertility


It turns out that lemon juice has a strong positive effect on the male ability of conception – it usually speeds up the sperm movement and also improves sperm quality. Vitamin C and thiamine substance which are present in lemons, enhance virility and fertility.

But at the same moment, you should use the product in a right way and not overdo it, otherwise, it can easily work against you. And getting enough vitamin C can improve male function. If a man cannot conceive a kid for a long time, be sure to include fresh lemon juice in your diet. The studies have shown that lemon boost fertility. It increases the amount of testosterone and reduces the percentage of infertility of men.

100 gram of lemon contains 77% of the RDA of vitamin C. If you cannot stand the taste of lemon and you cannot make yourself to use it, replace it with vitamin C tablets. Also, vitamin C contains thiamine, which it prevents the male disease. The researches have pleasantly surprised the doctors: in combination with vitamin C, thiamine can increase sperm motility and increases fertility.

The main condition is that lemon juice must be fresh. You can also add it to the water or salads, mix with cinnamon and honey, or just drink it. Mix a glass of water with 1 tsp of lemon juice, if you want, add a little honey. Drink it in a half an hour before breakfast. Sip this drink on an empty stomach and repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week. Such lemon drink and fertility are tightly connected. It can improve the condition of women’s health.


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