Improving Sperm Quality and Mobility


Low sperm mobility is one of the signs of infertility in males, and one of the reasons for such a case is highly dependent on lack on nutrients in diets. Other reasons for such an occurrence include poor lifestyle choices and oxidative stress. The first step towards improved sperm mobility is the change in lifestyle and diet. To achieve the best mobility and produce a pregnancy there needs to be certain measures in place.

First of all, fifty percent of the sperm should have the ability of producing efficient forward motion. There should be about 20 million per ml and 8 million of them should have signs of an effective forward motion. Most of the fertility experts recommend that healthy sperm can be achieved by the bodies’ ability to resist oxidative stress which is caused by free radicals. Free radicals are usually the main cause of poor sperm damage and motility.

One of the ways to improve motility would include adding fertility food supplements plus a couple of natural anti-oxidant to your diet. There are a couple of reasons that causes oxidative stress that affects sperm mobility. Free radicals are released when oxygen is broken down in the body, but due to smoke and alcohol the body would not have enough resistance to radicals and would need support.

They are usually unstable and needs to have another electron so as to stabilize; this is done by tearing an electron from one of the cells of the body. Antioxidants are the best remedy since they donate an electron which prevents the radical from attacking the body inclusive of the sperm. Diet also plays a huge role in improving sperm mobility, and it’s important to be selective on the kinds of food to eat.

Foods that are rich in zinc such as sea food, red meat or organic liver are a potent oxidant which is an aid to increased sperm quality and plays a huge role in testosterone production. Selenium is also important in sperm mobility and this can be found in foods such as yeast, Brazil nuts, sea food and garlic. It helps since it is usually concentrated in testicles and can be lost through semen during ejaculation.

L-carnitine foods such as dairy products, green beans and collard greens also play a huge role in sperm mobility. It’s presence in seminal fluids also has a huge role in sperm count and motility. Meca root is also a good health supplement since it increases the hormonal levels, sex performance and male fertility.

Supplements also play an essential role in sperm mobility since they contain an antioxidant that is vital in mitochondrial performance. They inhibits in seminal plasma as well as seminal fluid. A study conducted on patients that had reduced sperm rate showed that their mobility increased steadily.N-acetyl-cysteine also known as NAC reduces oxidative stress that are induced by free radicals which damages the sperm health. NAC treatment improves sperm mobility by decreasing oxidative stress and increasing serum antioxidant. Other supplements such as quercetin are known to increase certain parameters such as viability, concentration and volume. Studies that have been conducted with vitamin B12 increases sperm count and motility.

Getting a grasp of poor sperm mobility will ensure that you practice the importance of keeping a healthy diet which has anti-oxidant supplement. You can use natural supplements such as motilityboost for men. It has been medically certified in the field of fertility and has shown massive improvements in sperm count and is taken together with fertiliaid for men. They have a powerful effect that gives the body anti-oxidants which improves sperms motility in a natural way.


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