How to Overcome Unexplained Infertility Through Natural Remedies


Infertility can be depressing and highly frustrating not only to the couple but also their families. If you have been lucky enough not to go through it, perhaps your family member or friend was.

A couple is termed infertile when they fail to conceive after 12 months of trying. As cycles pass on, it becomes very stressful for the woman as she is primarily made to undergo repeated tests and procedures. Men are not left alone though. The couples find it hard to relax and let go, as they remember their biological clock ticking.

Causes of Infertility

While there are many medically known causes to Infertility like certain medical conditions, medications, age, exposure to chemicals and more, there are some couples who fall under Unexplained Infertility. They fail to conceive even with regular unprotected sex yet, no medical tests show any kind of abnormality in them.


That’s the killer. One of the main reasons for Infertility is chronic mental stress. Anxiety and stress can not only aggravate any medical condition already existing in the body but also set off off new ones. The more there is delay in conception the more stressful it becomes. And you know that stress triggers off cortisol which disrupts sleep, increases binge eating and sugar craving, lowers immunity, affects thyroid health and creates chaos in the body.


The Real Hero.Treatment for infertility without stress relief may not show any result. One of the key remedies for infertility is Yoga. Yogasanas encourage blood flow to the pelvic area increasing the chances of conception. Yogic breathing exercises, asanas, and meditation relax the body and regulate sexual functions. The endocrine is soothed, anxiety is chucked out and calm sets in. The simplest of Pranayama which can be prastised is Anulom Vilom followed by Brahmari and Kapalbhatti. Surya Namaskar works a great deal in toning the body. Yogasanas like Butterfly pose, Child’s pose, Lotus pose and Supported Bridge Pose are advised for reproductive health.

Home Remedies Help Fertility a Great Deal:

1. Both men and women should avoid tight fitting undergarments
2. Men should avoid motorbikes, alcohol (heat) and smoking.
3. TTC couples are also asked to avoid the use of soy products, excessive caffeine and the use of lubricants.
4. Rubbing testes with ice before intercourse is generally advised
5. With a balanced diet, get regular exercise. What experts mean is not overexercising but a good cardiac work out most of the days of the week.
6. Get enough zinc
7. Take Co-Enzyme Q10 tablets



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