How to Make Sperm Stronger for Pregnancy


Want to know how to make sperm stronger and healthier? What can you do to make your sperm stronger? Poor sperm quality, low sperm motility, poor sperm morphology and low sperm counts are major contributing causes of miscarriages and account for nearly half of all cases of infertility. Lets take a look at what could be contributing to this sudden drop in sperm quality and quantity.

High-Tech Gadgets Won’t Make Sperm Stronger

Mobile phones, iPads, iPods, laptops, computers etc…We can’t live without them, they are fun to use and serve a purpose. But! They are also sources of EM (electro magnetic) radiation.

Radiation targets fast growing and replicating cells. Which is why it’s so useful for cancer treatment. Sperm cells however also fall into this category, which is why cancer patients before treatments are often asked to freeze their sperm, mainly because of the chemotherapy, but also radiation can have a negative effect.

Men unfortunately don’t carry purses so the only logical place for them to put their iPhone is in their pant’s pocket. The trouble with this is that your testicles are now close to a source of EM radiation so powerful that it needs to be able to send and receive signals from satellites in space! Now, do you think this is a good idea if you need to make sperm stronger? No! certainly not!

Carry your mobile phone in your jacket pocket and when you are sitting down somewhere pull it out on the table. Also try to only use headsets to make calls from it as holding the mobile phone frequently up to your ear is also not such a good idea for the brain long term!

Convenience Diets Won’t Make Sperm Stronger

Let’s face it, we all work long hours and by the time we get home we are tired, hungry and often faced with an empty fridge. This especially applies when both partners work full-time. When this happens take-out, pizza and other home-delivery fast food options start to look appealing – which is not the way to make sperm stronger!

Unfortunately, these take-out foods are laden with trans-fats, artificial colors, taste enhancers, food additives, pesticides, hormones and preservatives. These sub-optimal building blocks are only going to contribute to poor quality sperm as to make sperm stronger and of good quality you need lots of good fats such as omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin C, zinc, selenium and good quality amino acids for staying healthy.

So the solution here to make sperm stronger is to go shopping on the weekend at your local markets! Stock up your fridge with apples, oranges, lemons, bananas and vegetables like carrots, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, tasty dips like hummus (made from chickpeas), and nuts such as almonds, Brazil nuts, pistachios and pumpkin seeds. That way you’ll always have healthy snacks on hand which will tie you over while you prepare a healthy dinner.

A Sedentary Lifestyle Won’t Help Make Sperm Stronger

Eight to ten hours sitting in front of your computer, followed by half an hour drive to your home, followed by three to four hours on the couch and then seven to eight hours sleeping in your bed. What is wrong with this picture? There is no physical activity!

We used to be nomads who could walk from one end of a continent to the other in a year! And guess what? Our body and metabolism are still wired the same way. But we don’t use our muscles as much any more so our sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain. And this is very bad news for your sperm.

In men abdominal fat is particularly bad. Fat is not just an inert blob of jiggly mass. Oh no! It’s a little hormone factory signaling our brain and endocrine system 24/7! It influences our appetite and also regulates your testosterone levels. Too much abdominal fat = too much estrogen. Too much estrogen in men leads to poor sperm quality and unfortunately predisposes to man-boobs!


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