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Fertility problems are increasing becoming an issue for many couples in Australia, and across the globe. Infertility affects both males and females, and the struggles often takes a hefty toll on relationships and the hip pocket.

While infertility is often a complex issue, there is some alarming evidence that suggests excessive exposure to high electromagnetic radiation may affect fertility and contribute to miscarriages. For this reason, it is a good idea to minimize exposure and create electromagnetically quiet bedrooms when planning for a family.

Electro-smog is actually the one factor that has changed most over the last few decades. Medical researcher Dr Milham discovered a clear connection between the rollout of electricity and people suffering from civilisation ailments. He documented that the first wave of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and fertility problems coincided with the installation of the electric grid last century.

Our cells communicate via minute electrical impulses. So it makes sense that external electromagnetic radiation millions of times the strength of cell impulses may interrupt their communications. This can affect sperm, eggs and the embryo, and cause difficulties conceiving or miscarriages, and even cell mutations that is then passed onto the next generation.

Like other stress factors, electromagnetic radiation creates oxidative stress in the body, which  decreases cell oxygenation, accelerates ageing and produces an inflammatory response common to all civilization diseases. Electromagnetic radiation can also disrupt the calcium metabolism responsible for hormonal balance, and is associated with DNA damage.

Whether you are aware of high levels of electro-smog or not (a small percentage of people perceive electromagnetic radiation), Dr Magda Havas has shown that everybody reacts to it with a stress response. She has shown that healthy blood cells clump together, reducing the amount of oxygen a cell can carry, in the presence of electromagnetic radiation.

How to Use Technology Safely

As a precautionary approach to electro-smog is warranted, here are some ways of using technology that reduce health risks.

DIY Strategies:

Professional strategies: 

Not all electromagnetic fields can be eliminated with above strategies. For example, you may be affected by electric fields or dirty electricity from the wiring in the wall or floor near your bed, there may be currents running on water pipes, which can affect the whole house, or there could be external influences such as a neighbour’s wifi, smart meter or mobile phone antennas.

To handle these, the strength and sources of electro-stress need to be measured by a professional. Strategies for their elimination or remediation, such as targeted shielding, can then be worked out.

Stay Well and Stay Healthy

The healthier you are the better you will be able to handle environmental stress, including electromagnetic radiation. We possess immense healing powers and even those who have experienced ill effects from electromagnetic radiation can heal, given a reduction in radiation combined with healing the body.

For most of us it is difficult to know to what extend electromagnetic radiation is affecting us, but in any case it is advisable to live in relatively ‘quiet environments’, especially in the bedroom where we want to recharge from a busy life. I for one have better things to do with my energy than having to combat the effects of radiation.

If you are planning to conceive it is advisable to minimize electromagnetic exposure at least 3 months prior to conception and throughout pregnancy.


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