Easy Fertility Smoothie Recipes


Fertility smoothie is a drink, like a milkshake, made from blended natural ingredients, usually frozen or fresh fruits for the purpose of increasing wellness, aiding healing, and increase fertility.

A healthy smoothie is so beneficial to you while trying to conceive because it’s rich in fertility foods and powerful anti-oxidants that keep you eggs and sperm younger and healthy!

How To Make A Fertility Smoothie

1 cup of frozen fruit or better fresh, if in season and organic (mangoes, berries, or peaches)

75ml of liquid beverage (rice milk or almond milk)

1/2 teaspoon of organic vanilla extract to add flavour (optional)

2 scoops (30g) of whole food antioxidant powder coming from 100% berries (goji, acai, pomegranate, mangosteen, cranberry, strawberry, acerola berry, and more) with no added synthetic minerals or vitamins). You can find this at any health food store.

2 scoops (30g) of green coming from a bland of spirinula, wheatgrass, barley grass, kelp, deluse and more (with no added synthetic minerals and vitamins)

2 bananas (this makes your fertility smoothie very smooth and gives it a good taste)

1/3 cup of yogurt or kefier (if you like it)

1 table spoon of bee pollen

1 table spoon of honey (best if raw)

2 table spoons of almond or cashew butter.

1tables spoon of flax seed oil or hemp oil (optional). You may not like the flavour so much, but it is great for you, add smaller amounts until you get used to the taste.

Fertility Smoothie Replacement Meal

1 Cup of cream of wheat or spelt (wait until it is cool)

1 cup of oats (soak them in hot water and then let them cool off)

2 table spoons of almond or cashew butter

1 teaspoon of cinnamon, or cocoa, or vanilla (optional)

1 tablespoon of raw honey

1-2 teaspoons of bee pollen

Add rice or almond liquid beverage to make 75 ml

2 teaspoon of acidophilus powder

When To Take Your Smoothie

Drink your smoothies within 10-15 minutes of blending them to take full advantage of the nutrients before they oxidize and turn your smoothie brown in color. After 20 minutes, your smoothie will lose all the power of its live nutrients like enzymes.


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