Does Folic Acid Have Any Effect on Male Fertility?


Some men produce more than enough sperm. The sperm move quickly to the egg, but fertility problems still exist. This is because the sperm being produced are not healthy. Sperm abnormalities can prevent proper fertilization of the egg resulting in early miscarriage before a woman even knows she’s pregnant. According to clinical research, men who take 700 mcg of folic acid produce about 30-percent fewer abnormal sperm. That is a huge impact on fertility.

Why is Folic Acid So Important?

Folic acid, or vitamin B9, is one of the more important B vitamins because it affects cell development. But, more importantly, vitamin B9 is essential for DNA development. While there is little chance the body will ever be completely devoid of B9, there is a chance that the man is not consuming enough for proper cell development and that could impact sperm development and, ultimately, fertility.

So, at the end of my small research session, men can consume about 700 mcg of folic acid per day in hopes of improving overall sperm health and reducing the number of abnormal sperm being developed. More healthy sperm mean improved fertility chances.

Men should also look into other natural treatments and changes that could positively impact fertility. Many natural changes have a compounding effect. That means the more changes the man makes the more improvements he’ll see in fertility.


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