Depression & Infertility- Symbiotic Sisters Obstructing Pregnancy


Infertility & depression are symbiotic and often go together. We have come across different cases of depression during pregnancy & post pregnancy which are very more common amongst women with a history of infertility treatment. However, many of you may not know that women who experience depression can also be the prey of infertility.

It is absolutely natural to feel sad or depressed while dealing with infertility. Any woman facing it might hit with the blues when her period comes, when her fertility test shows a negative report, when fertility treatments fail or when her friends have their second child. Women who are unable to bear child often feel incomplete from inside and the pressure from their family and society, lead to acute depression & isolation.

In our country where family status especially childbearing is considered overly important and valuable to stabilize the family and increases marital satisfaction which otherwise results in marital problems such as divorce or even second marriage, making the situation worst for women with infertile issues.

Depression Causes Infertility

Though, it is yet to be proved that depression is directly associated with infertility, but some researchers from Central Asia & USA have found a correlation between depression and increased rate of infertility. Depression interferes with the process of conception. During this period, you should try to stay relaxed, happy and tension free. Depression affects the functioning of the hypothalamus, a gland in the brain that regulates your feelings or emotions & appetite, as well as the hormones that dictate your ovaries to release eggs. If you’re depressed, you may ovulate later in your cycle or not at all. Therefore, if you’re having sexual intercourse around the 14th day, thinking that you’re about to ovulate, you may miss your opportunity to conceive.

Treatment of depression is crucial for a variety of reasons

  • Depression can affect sex life
  • It can have negative impact on relationships with spouse, friends and family, and even the moral, confidence & spiritual beliefs
  • Women suffering from depression are more likely to drop out of infertility treatment, thus limiting their chances of conceiving
  • Depressed Women have lower chances of conceiving, even with IVF

Treatment of depression impact on Fertility

There is a direct impact of happiness on fertility. According to the National Institute of Infertility Association, “almost 78% of couples get pregnant post-depression treatment.” It is also observed that couples with severe infertility issues have conceived post adoption of child. This is because the new child in their life had made their life happier & stress free.





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