Cell Phones and Male Fertility


A study published in Reproductive BioMedicine Online, queried whether or not cell phone usage might be compromising male sperm quality. This question was based on the results of the group’s preliminary interest in seeing where men with poor sperm quality were storing their cell phones.

The most notable links between cell phone use and low sperm count seemed to exist for men who:

  • Use their cell phone for more than one hour per day
  • Use their cell phone while it is charging
  • Hold or position their cell phone less than 50 cm (19.69 inches) from their groin (hence the pocket correlation, even though this particular statistic wasn’t specifically linking pocket cell phones and poor sperm count)

It is not sure exactly why cell phones would cause a problem. It could be the heat generated by phones affects the internal testicle temperature – especially when a phone is stored in the pocket while in use or while charging; it could also be that the radio waves cellphones receive/transmit affect our bodies in more than we are currently aware of. Nobody is sure just yet.

Tips for Producing As Much Healthy Sperm as Possible

In the case of healthy sperm, we recommend:

  • Re-thinking how you use your cell phone. Since the verdict is still out on cell phones and fertility, it makes sense to use caution. Try to use Bluetooth technology whenever you can, minimize cell phone use if there’s a landline available, avoid using the phone while its charging if you can and – of course – think twice about storing it close to your groin just in case the heat factor makes a difference. Keep your eye on the fertility headlines to keep abreast of the latest and greatest published research.
  • Eating pesticide/herbicide free foods. We would say to focus on an organic diet, but labels can be complicated. Instead, focus on consuming foods that are grown and/or raised without the use of pesticides, herbicides and other known endocrine disruptors that have a negative effect on fertility.
  • Not smoking. Okay, so smoking has been a favorite pastime for much longer than the post-war-technology-rich life, but tobacco products didn’t used to have all the chemicals and additives that most of them contain now. Plus, we’ve learned a little about lung, throat, mouth, stomach, etc., health since then. Smoking is associated with all kinds of negative side effects – including infertility – in both men and women. Quit now and your future sperm (and children) will thank you.
  • Losing weight. As long as you’re quitting unhealthy habits and getting more conscious about what you eat, throw a little exercise in there and lose your unwanted weight. There is a direct correlation between healthy BMI and fertility for both men and women. Overweight and obese males have a higher risk of low sperm count and/or sperm that are a bit sluggish when they swim.

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